How to be a Donor. . .

Who can give. . .

Anyone can donate!Cataracts, poor eyesight, and age do not prohibit you from becoming a donor. Healthy corneas will be used for transplant. Other tissue will be used for research, education, and training.
Sharing your decision to enter the eye donor program with your family is as important as making the decision itself. At the time of your death your family will be asked about the donation. Telling your family of your wishes will prevent confusion or uncertainty later. Carrying out your wish to give sight to others can provide your family with great comfort in their time of grief.

How to Give. . .

1. Be sure your Driver's License indicates you want to be a donor by affixing the "Eye Donor" sticker to it.

2. Fill out a "Donor Card."

3. Have signature witnessed by two people over the age of 18.

4. Carry the card in your wallet.

Advise close relatives and friends of your decision.

Completing the "Donor Card" and carrying it with you at all times will serve as a reminder to your family and medical staff; it serves as a legal document if needed.

To receive a "Donor Card," please contact:
Texas Lions Eye Bank Alliance
P.O. Box 2911
San Angelo, Tx 76902

Click here to download a donor card