Important Facts

There wereover 50,000 transplants were performed in 2007.

90% of corneal transplants are successful.

There is no cost to the donor or the donor family.

Donation is consistent with the beliefs of all the major religions.

Eye are removed from doners approximately 12 hours after death.

Corneas are transplanted 3 to 6 days after donation.

Donor/recipient information is anonymous and confidential.

Special trained technicians carefully perform the surgical procedures from the doner.

Great care is taken to preserve the appearance of the donor so an open casket funeral can be held if desired.

Eyes cannot be designated for a specific person.

Anyone 2 yrs to 68 yrs old may be a donor.

Other Interesting Statistics

Donation Made to US Eye Banks
Donations 2007
Eye Banks 76
Total Whole Globes & Corneas 82,741
Number of Donors 41,672
Distribution 2007
Corneal Grafts 50,122
Sclera 4,698
Research 13,824
Training 4,801
Corneal Translants Supplied by US Eye Banks 50,122
Exported Tissue to other US Eye Banks 13,992
Exported Tissue to International Eye Banks 10,371

Age of Donors
AGE 2007
Under One Year 61
Age 1-10 343
Age 11-20 1,425
Age 21-40 4,163
Age 41-60 15,439
Age 61-70 12,208
Over 70 8,033

Cause of Death of Donor
Cause of Death 2007
Heart Disease 14,163
Cancer 7,852
Trauma 4,895
Cerebral Vascular Accident 4,232
Respiratory Disease 4,012
Other Diseases 6,519